Wine History Poster
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Thomas Pellechia's book
"Wine: An 8,000 Year
History of the Wine Trade"



Background and Experience ...

Some people care about ratings and subjective viewpoints, and that's fine--for them. These days, there's enough of that kind of wine "writing" going around.

When you seek wine information wrapped inside a compelling story, whether it is about place, people, or certain wines, the kind of writer that fits the bill is someone who has lived the professional writing life as well as the professional wine life.

That's me, Thomas Pellechia (pel-e'-kee-ah).

I've been offering professional wine and writing skills to editors at magazines, newspapers, book publishing companies, and online for the past 20 years.

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When I write, my aim is to put together a story to which both the most highly trained wine professional and the unknowing consumer can relate. That's because I've been not only a writer for most of my adult life, I've also been a grape grower, winemaker and winery owner, wine distribution salesman, and wine retail shop owner. Plus, my interest in cooking, married with my interest in wine, resulted in a book about wine and food, articles on the subject, and design of a wine and food sensory seminar.

My "What is-wine?" seminar is an effective method for teaching some of the technical information that provides consumers with the tools they need to establish faith in their own taste buds as well as in their ability to select wine. The program can be tailored to meet the needs of the beginner and the extended curiosity of the intermediate, and for those in the wine industry seeking to learn its commercial machinations or simply how to sell the product.

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