Wine History Poster
inspired by
Thomas Pellechia's book
"Wine: An 8,000 Year
History of the Wine Trade"



Wine Education ...

Over the past twenty-plus years in the wine business it became increasingly clear to me that most wine critics and educators were shouting over the heads of the general consumer, grasping at those whose knowledge and wallets are already stacked. This is why so many of us find the subject of wine if not snobbish, at the very least incomprehensible; how does a wine smell like raspberry while it tastes like bitter chocolate, and why would anybody like a wine to remind them of a cigar box or worse, cat litter?

There are technical reasons for wine aroma and tastes. I believe I have refined a way to explain those technical reasons to the public without being scientific. I use a simple, straightforward method--students experience rather than have to memorize. I show students how to focus and to explore what wine really is; in fact, my wine seminar is titled: What is wine?

What is wine? is developed to service three essential markets: wine consumers, wine professionals, and corporate managers. I draw upon my varied experience as a winemaker, wine salesman and retailer, and one-time producer of corporate presentations.

All What is wine? students learn how to taste, analyze, and feel confident about evaluating wine for quality and stability; they learn about regional styles and even how to read labels. Consumers go on to learn how to buy wine both at retail and in restaurants; wine sales people learn the best methods for selling the product, whether they are wholesaler sales people or tasting room and restaurant staff; and corporate managers learn to use wine as a corporate event stimulator and a client entertainment vehicle.

The best part is that What is wine? seminars are flexible and can be tailored to just about any need, including time constraints.

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