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When I started my winery in 1985, I also set out on a wine writing career. My aim was not to rate wine but to explore its many facets, then report what I found out. I wanted to inform my readers rather than intrude my own wine taste into their lives.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that writing about wine also means writing about food, and so I added that subject to my writing.

I have written for national and local magazines and newspapers and I have published three books. A continuing thread throughout my writing is wine history and wine and food pairing. But as is my way in teaching about wine, I do not confine my writing to one audience, writing to the consumer as well as the wine professional.

To the consumer, I write a weekly and a bi-monthly wine column in two separate newspapers in the Finger Lakes region. I have also written for consumer-oriented national and international magazines as well as for trade periodicals. The stories have covered a wide spectrum of areas connected to wine from how rootstock development takes place in cool grape growing regions to how to deal with a recalcitrant restaurant sommelier when you know there is something wrong with the wine, from how regional wine styles are captured by winemakers to how to pair red wine with seafood, and all subjects in between.

I am available for freelance writing assignments.

You can contact me by clicking this email link.

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NPR's Next Avenue website
Practical Winery
Vineyard and Winery Management
Washington Wine Style
Wine Enthusiast
The Wine Trader
Wines and Vines
Rochester Magazine
Elmira Star Gazette
Rochester Democrat Chronicle
Ithaca Times
Syracuse NewTimes
Dundee Observer
Slow Food (Snail)
Finger Lakes Wine Gazette
American Wine Society Journal
Modern Food Service News